November 3, 2017

Our mission

Latvian Greenways Association is a non-profit foundation with the main aim to develop the former railway lines and adopt them for the use of non-motorized transport – cyclists, hikers, horse riding, skiing as well as people with special needs.

The Association has been established in 2015, following similar initiatives in many Western European countries, where thousands of kilometers of Greenways have been developed.

At the moment the Association has 7 members – Municipalities that have former railway lines on their territories:

Aloja, Ērgli, Gulbene, Limbazi, Ogre, Ropazi, Jaunpiebalga and Vecpiebalga municipalities

The President of Latvian Greenways Association is Mr. Jānis Bordāns while the Chairman of the Board is Mr. Raitis Sijāts

You are welcome to join us and continue to develop Greenways in Latvia!