From May 1, 2018, Latvian Greenways Association is involved in EC Cosme project “Greenways Heritage” that aims to develop Greenways in connection with UNESCO World heritage sites.

In Latvia the project will unite the Stakeholders-members of LGWA: Ērgļi, Ropazi and Ogre municipalities -on the former line Rīga (Cekule) – Ērgļi, as the greenway is located between 2 UNESCO objects – Rīga Old Town and Strūve geodetic arc in Ērgļi municipality.

The project partners will participate on experience exchange visits to learn about the best practices how to develop greenways in connection with culture heritage sites; it is also foreseen to set-up an interactive GW stand at Ķeipene cinema station.

The project is lead by European Greenways Association with partners from Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Italy and Latvia.

Total budget of LGWA is 35 096 EUR, where 75% is co-financed by the European Commission.

Official project website